Is your kitchen showing skittering roaches at night? Is your garage showing a few extra spiders? A pest problem could be happening in your home. Something needs to be done immediately.

Removing pests is expensive. The cheaper option is prevention.

There is a wide range of reasons for keeping the home free from pests. The invasion of creepy crawlies is the most important reason for keeping them away. Additionally, the expense incurred with the damage caused by pests such as termites to the home can be horrendous.

With this said, making a connection with a reputable pest inspection in Gold Coast is vital.

Things to expect from a pest inspection visit

Considering pest control service for the first time might make you wonder what to expect. The process can be less worrisome if you know what to expect during the initial visit.

The arrival of the professional

The pest professional who will come knocking on your door will be dressed in a uniform and arrive punctually. He or she will formally introduce themselves as soon as you open the door to them.

Since the exterminator will be moving outside and inside your home, feeling comfortable with him or her is important. The best time to voice any concerns or ask questions should be done after the formal introduction. The exterminator will only be able to start the job if you feel comfortable with him or her.

Inspecting the entry areas

The entry areas are one of the most important places a pest inspector will check first. This includes checking out the home’s crawlspaces, pipes, attics, windows, garages, and doors. Rodents, insects, and other sorts of creepy crawlies use the mentioned areas as their entry points. This inspection will take a bit of time as the inspector will have to look for hidden areas and cracks allowing pests entry to the home.

Examining the yard

The yard and the rest of the property are important areas to inspect. Future pest issues will be seen when the outdoor spaces are included in the inspection.

Checking out moisture

Moisture around and in the home will be checked by the exterminator. A moisture area provides an attractive home to various kinds of pests. The inspector will be using a flashlight and a moisture metre to check out areas that may have issues.


Your exterminator will now take a breather at this stage to put together the things he or she has found out. The few moments will be spent in reviewing the findings to be able to come up with an official report. Give the inspector time to work alone as he or she makes an effort to come up with an easy-to-understand report.

Discuss the findings

The exterminator will discuss the findings with you as soon as all the data has been gathered together and placed in a report. He or she will inform you about the things happening in your home.

The inspector will tell you his/her findings and the steps needed to rectify them. He/she will also advise you on ways to prevent future pest issues from happening.

It may sound simple to get rid of pests in the home. However, the process of inspecting a home for their presence is complex and lengthy process. Hiring a Gold Coasts leading pest inspection company will be the best option for you.

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