The living room is the heart of the house, indeed, it is the image. It is the environment in which we spend more time, where we meet with friends and relatives, where we belong for moments of relaxation in front of the TV or with a good book. Yet, even if we take for granted what furniture to insert, making the room we have in mind is not easy.

In our living room there will be sofas and armchairs, sideboards, shelves, tables and paintings; but how should we advance in the selection of furnishings and how should we distribute them in the environment to get a good result? The following is a small reasoned guide to accompany you step by step to the composition of the living room of your desires.

Let’s start from the carpet

It may seem strange, but decorating the living room starting from the carpet can help us immediately take the right path. The carpet, in fact, delimits the space within and around which the seats and accessory furniture will be placed, creating a mesh in which it will be easier to organize all the elements. In addition, the carpets can act as a focal point when in counterpoint to the style of the other furnishings.

Pro advice: avoid small carpets compared to the proportions of the relaxation area; a suitably large carpet will add importance to the whole living room. It is a good idea for anyone sitting on the sofa or in an armchair to rest on your feet.

2. His majesty the sofa

The sofa is the essential element of any living room. Normally it is the first thing you choose and it is the element that gives the “La” to the rest of the furniture. Even before buying the beloved model, however, we must also talk about measures here. 
We begin by saying that usually a single sofa is sufficient and that will have to fit into an environment along with other furnishings. The sofa should have proportions proportionate to the room and oversized models should be avoided even when the space abounds. In these cases it is preferable to opt for two smaller sofas, from two places or two and a half places: they will better define the relaxation area and will be more practical and functional.

Pro advice:  at the cost of being unpopular, I advise you to avoid large sofas with peninsula or curved shapes: at least if it is not a hotel lobby, they will never be used any more than a smaller sofa would occupy space.

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