Are you thinking of using vinyl flank on your floor? If so, you are making the right decision. To help you further, below are things you need to know about vinyl flank and why it is best to consider on your floor.

To convince you further about this option, read the benefits:


Beautiful and realistic designs

They come in different sizes and shapes, and various designs too. Whether you want to achieve a hardwood timber appeal or a rustic beach home look, vinyl plank is practically your best choice. The options are endless, even those you thought is impossible is possible.

Also, they were made to give people a hard time to determine which a genuine timber floor is and which vinyl plank is.


Kinder to your feet

Have you ever walked on a hard, cold surface? If so, it is time that you switch to vinyl planks. By design, it is a lot softer and comfortable to walk on compared to other flooring types available. Vinyl plank has a good level of bounce feature that can absorb impact as people walk.

Also, compared to other types of floors like timber and tile, it is not cold to your feet. Some do not see this as an issue, but during early mornings and cold nights, a cold floor is not the best to walk on.


It keeps everyone in the family safe and secured for a long time.

This type of floor is a lot less slippery than many other floors, like timber and porcelain. Also, this type of floor does not crack, chip or splinter for a long time or when an object dropped on it. This does not only make vinyl plank a lot more durable, but also safe for everyone, adults and toddlers too.


Easy to maintain and install

Yes, DIY’ers are welcome to install vinyl plank on their floor. Although the level of difficulty is dependent on the type of installation (glues or floating), generally speaking, this indeed is simple and easy to install compared to its other counterparts.

Not only that it is easy to install, but it requires fewer tools, hence hiring a professional to do the job may not be needed.

For maintenance, on the other hand, keeping it clean is very easy and less time-consuming. All you need to do is mop the floor with warm, clean water and detergent (the milder, the better). By doing this regularly, you are making your floor look brand new for a long time.


Cost-effective floor solution

This indeed is the most affordable type of floor in the market today. But, worry not as much, as, despite its affordability, it has all the best features you are looking on a floor, easy to maintain, can last for a long time, durable, beautiful and many other features that no other types of floors can beat.

The cost-effectiveness is from the time of installation to maintenance and repair. Also, they live last for a long time, provided that proper care is being done, hence replacing it is not necessary.

Now that you know a few of the many benefits of vinyl plank for your floor, there is no reason why would you not consider this option for your floor.  Contact floor sanding and polishing experts for assistance.


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