Carports can add value to your home. They offer protection to vehicles and also provide additional storage space. There is a dire need for sheltered parking especially in Brisbane’s hot weather.  The following is a simple guide to help you understand the different kinds of carport, along with tips to help you make an informed decision when building a carport on your properties.

Types of carport

  1. Attached carports.  These are connected to the home an are convenient way of easily accessing your vehicles. The carport can be designed as an extension of the existing roof thus providing a seamless look.
  2.  A free-standing carport.  These can be positioned anywhere on the property according to the home-owners requirements. The free-standing carports are not attached to the home and therefore are more flexible in terms of placement and design.
  3.  DIY carport. If you are looking for a cost effective solution and are handy to take up a project on your own you can buy the various kits which are available in the market.
  4. Custom carport.  These are designed according to the home-owners requirements and offer a tailored solutions for unique requirements. Such carports can be constructed using different materials and finishes and which add to the aesthetics of the property.

Things to keep in mind before building a carport

Before building a carport in your home make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Always consider the size and capacity of your home and then design the carport which is in keeping with the requirements. Determine the number of vehicles that the carport needs to accommodate and also consider additional space which can be used for storage or recreational vehicles.
  •  Find material that is durable and weather resistant and which is suitable for the Brisbane climate.
  • The best materials are steel, aluminium and timber. However, each of these has their own maintenance requirements and it is essential that you speak to the builder before selecting a specific material for the carport.
  •  Always consider the local council regulations and obtain necessary permits before installing a carport on your property. You might also want to make sure that the carport is in compliance with the building codes and zoning requirements.
  • It is best to go with a professional installation because they can handle all sorts of complex or custom carport design. They can also ensure that the carport is constructed safely.
  • Always set a realistic budget when designing the carport you will also need to consider the materials the labour cost and any other additional features you want to add to the carport.

Designing a carport for your home is a practical solution especially if you do not want to invest in a garage.  However, you should also consider the different varieties of carports which can be designed and when you keep the above mentioned tips in mind it will help you make an informed decision. Before building Brisbane’s most affordable carports, it is essential that you do your research and only work with somebody who has got a good reputation.

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