Nursery wallpaper has been found not only to brighten the baby’s room. The choice of patterns also stimulates baby’s brain as well.

This discovery has encouraged manufacturers to come up with a variety of nursery wallpaper patterns. Baby nursery wallpaper is trending with parents as an innovative way to create a delightful and stimulating environment for the baby.


Health advantages provided by baby nursery wallpaper


Chemical-free nursery wallpaper

Baby’s well-being and health are the most important things parents think about. Painting the walls of the nursery was standard practice in the past. No so today with the discovery of VOCs or volatile organic compounds found in most interior paint brands.

Cleanable nursery wallpaper varieties are known to be chemical-free. Their washable quality makes them easy to wipe down and sanitise as often as possible. Parents gain peace of mind knowing that the walls of the nursery are free from harmful chemicals.

Stimulate baby’s mind and eyes with striped designed nursery wallpaper

According to child psychologists, choosing black and white stripes benefit the optic nerves and retinas of babies. This visual stimulation, in turn, develops the brain of babies as well.

It’s a fact that even doctors recommend stripes to be the dominant pattern to use for babies. This includes striped clothes, nursery wallpaper, blankets, and sheets.

While most design ideas for nurseries use pastel colours, doctors do not agree with this. Unfortunate as it is, the contrast between black and white has proven to be the most stimulating colour to surround babies.

Like it or not, babies’ retina is powerfully impacted by the contrast of black and white colours and patterns. This powerful visual impact also means faster and better brain development.

However, the black and white pattern may not be every parent’s aesthetic taste. A contrast of light and dark colours for the striped pattern of nursery wallpaper is the next best thing to choose.

If a striped pattern will not work for the design scheme of the nursery, a wallpaper pattern stimulating stripes can be the best alternative. Maze pattern with stripes wallpaper may fit the ideal design of the nursery.

If it’s any consolation, monochrome designed nursery wallpaper can be changed to brighter colours when the baby reaches the age of 3 months.


Geometric patterns and shapes contrasted with stripes nursery wallpaper

Research has proven that geometric patterns and shapes stimulate babies’ eyes. The use of geometric shapes and patterns can provide a good contrast to the striped pattern. Mixing and matching these two designs and patterns provides the best visual and mental stimulation to babies.

Yet again, black and white are seen to provide the most benefit to the baby’s eyes and mind. White background and black triangles are the highly recommended nursery wallpaper design.

Breaking the monotony of black and white with some red is seen as beneficial to babies as well. The nursery wallpaper can also be mixed and matched with borders and decals. The key is to create an environment that is visually stimulating for the baby.


The choice of nursery wallpaper design can develop or stunt the growth of your baby. Black and white wallpaper designs do not have to bore. There are a lot of baby nursery wallpaper options that meet the scientific standards as well as your own.






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