No one likes clogged drains. These are not mere encumbrances but something which can become a big headache as well. Keeping your drains clog free is not a big deal once you have some basic idea of how to go about it.

While preventive measures almost always work, not giving a great deal of attention to your drain can definitely cause problems. Not to forget the smell which emanates from a clogged drain. It can make anyone feel uncomfortable. However the following tips on how to deal with blocked drains in Gold Coast would help ensure that your drains remain clog free.

Keep the drains clean to prevent blocked drains

When doing regular home cleaning, most of us overlook the drains. We don’t even pay attention to those drains until we find it clogged or a nasty smell coming from the drains. If we take care of what goes down the drain we may not even need to carry out a very thorough cleaning on a daily basis. However, it’s not easy to see whatever goes into the drain and preventing it. Bathroom drains are always most susceptible because normally air or reside from the soap and conditioner can clog the drains. Same goes for the drains in the kitchen. The debris from left-over food goes into the drain causing it to become clogged over a period of time.

Perform the following maintenance tips to ensure the cleanliness of the drains

  • Remove the pop up stoppers in the bath tub to allow the debris to be removed. Rinse the stopper and put it back on. Continue this process at least once a week.
  • You can even remove the drain cover and make use of a wire to unclog the drain and remove the debris which might have clogged it.
  • When cleaning the garbage disposal make sure to clean it thoroughly with a brush. Then add a little ice and some table salt. This can cut the grease from the sides of the disposer.
  • Occasionally use an enzyme based drain cleaner. Let it sit overnight and let it work its magic on your drains. These are much easier on your drain and don’t cause too much harm like chemical cleaners.

Other methods for preventing blocked drains

  • Make sure to place mesh screens on all of the drains. The mesh catches all the debris which can be removed easily.
  • Before taking a shower make sure to brush your hair. This helps remove the loose hair and prevents it from going down the drain.
  • When it’s warm outside try to wash your pets out in the open. When it’s colder you can’t help but bath them inside.
  • Make children understand that drains should be kept clean. Teach them not to flush toys or any other solid objects down the drains.
  • Last but not the least invest in a quality auger and learn how to use it in ace of an emergency. The auger has a certain shape which allows it to reach hard to access areas and keeps the drain from clogging up.


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