Often, workplaces in the Gold Coast only pay attention to their floors when something is wrong with them. Yet, floors are important things to consider when it comes to working safety and productivity.

When it comes to the flooring option in the Gold Coast work environments, the smartest alternative is epoxy floor coating. Concrete flooring of the various work areas can benefit from epoxy flooring Gold Coast.

The varied floors of commercial buildings, garages, and walkways can greatly benefit from the sealant properties provided by epoxy coating.

Industrial or commercial facilities have found epoxy flooring to be exceptionally beneficial. This includes pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, manufacturing plants, beverage or food facilities, and warehouses.

Your business is likely to gain benefits with Gold Coast epoxy flooring, to include:


Chemically resistant floors

Epoxy coating the concrete flooring is especially beneficial for businesses that are exposed to harmful chemicals. Plants or warehouses that are constantly exposed to potent chemicals will find epoxy coated floors perfect for their flooring needs.


Natural bright and glossy sheen

Epoxy coatings are available in a high-gloss quality, making it the best option for businesses that want to achieve improved lighting. The high gloss of epoxy coating can reflect ceiling lightings, making the environment achieve a naturally bright atmosphere.


Easy to clean and maintain

Sealing the concrete floor with epoxy prevents it from being porous. A non-porous floor makes the cleaning quick and easy. A quick swipe of a wet mop is all it takes to keep the floor bright, shiny, and clean.


Environmentally friendly

Material usage is greatly reduced when the epoxy coating is applied to the concrete floors of any business or workplace. Replacing damaged floors use up more materials, making it an untenable option when it comes to saving the planet. The best alternative to reduce material usage is to have concrete flooring coated by epoxy at the outset.


Durable floors

Concrete flooring wear and tear is prevented from happening right away with the application of the epoxy coating. Long-lasting floors also spell savings, making epoxy coating a smart flooring option for any industry and business.


Less vehicle maintenance

Even the thinnest epoxy coating helps to reduce wear on the tires of vehicles. Machinery and vehicles used daily in the facility benefit from wear and tear with the forgiving protection provided by epoxy-coated floors.


Time-saving floor option

The easy and quick installation of epoxy coating provides the best time-saving floor option. Applying epoxy coating needs less time to install, unlike other flooring alternatives. The short drying time of the coating means less time for shutting down production.


Provides a safer environment for all

Some of the preventable hazards in the workplace include fire, slippage, extreme impact, and temperature. Concrete floors in industries that are coated with epoxy drastically reduce the number of workplace accidents, making the environment safe and secure for people and buildings.


Strong and stable floors

Converting epoxy to solid polymer makes it an incredibly stable and strong material to use as flooring. The chemical breakdown is prevented with the exceptional sealing properties provided by epoxy coating.


Aesthetic value

The wide range of patterns and colours provided by epoxy coatings instantly provides aesthetic value to any business or industry. The patterns can even be tailor-made per request and availability.






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