Awnings initially were painted as expensive features whose installation was solely left to the rich. If you, however, look beyond the cost and installation process, awnings can be very intriguing in improving home value besides the nice shade you stand to enjoy. Nowadays, there are multiple manufacturers worldwide providing awnings at consumer-friendly prices. Before deciding whether or not you need an awning, ascertain the type you need and where you may want it installed. Some homeowners prefer their patio, while some just love to have an awning on top of their doors or windows.

Fixed Awnings – These are extensions that, once installed, remain permanent unless removed. Prevailing weather conditions in your geographical region dictate the type of awning you should settle for. Permanent awnings with just a little bit of maintenance may serve you for a very long time protecting your home from adverse weather conditions.

Retractable Awnings – Retractable awnings give you the chance to adjust or even remove the awning from time to time. It is all dependent on where you want to sit on a particular day, for instance, lawn or patio. The awning can either be shrunk or extended to serve their intended purposefully. Remember, with awnings; you may have to choose between installing them over the lawn or patio.

What Should I Look For When Awning Shopping?

Shopping is easier when you understand what to look for in the market. Fresh buyers may have a hard time identifying the best awnings to use for their houses and commercial properties. Here are a few tips you can rely on today to find the best awning worth your every penny.

1. Quality

When talking of quality, keep in mind where you come from. The weather conditions in your area should dictate your choice. Among the many qualities to look out for is the strength, should be waterproof, UV rays proof, and lastly, easier to maintain, for instance, cleaning and repairs.

2. Cost

How much are you willing to spend to get your new awning? It is wise you operate within your budgetary limits when shopping. Very high-quality awnings would mean huge spending, but again this is all controlled by the depth of your pocket.

3. Opening technique

Awnings are opened and closed either manually or automatically. What is your style between the two? Of course, many homeowners would opt for automatic compared to manual to save on energy and time. Automatic awnings may, however, be more susceptible to damage compared to manual awnings.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Awnings


Without any maintenance, your awning will not only deteriorate in quality but also change its appearance. A dirty and non-functional awning is better off removed from your property than shame you before your peers. To ensure your awnings serves you longer, make use of the following maintenance tips today,

Step 1

Scrub your awning frequently to get rid of tough stains. Use detergents and other cleaning supplies to gently scrub the surfaces of your awnings as you commence your cleaning process.

Step 2

Rinse with enough water to remove the stains and dirt after scrubbing. Watch out for any detergent remains in joints and underneath surfaces to prevent permanent staining. Remember, scrubbing might be needed if any stains remain persistent.

Step 3

The above procedures best work with fabric awnings but not metal ones. Emulsifying detergents can be trusted to do the job when it comes to metal awning cleaning. Remember to bring your pressure washer along as you start cleaning to improve the efficiency of the process.

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