Roller blinds are an essential part of interior decor. They come in all sizes, colours, and types. In the Gold Coast, it is impossible to call a house complete without the installation of roller blinds.


Various features accompany various types of roller blinds which include:

  • Their light filtering efficiency or ability
  • Daylight and night privacy
  • The decorative aspects which vary from one person to another
  • Their ability in blocking out the UV rays
  • One’s preference on the operation mode of the blinds that is if one will choose the aluminium over the PVC cords. Some people prefer having a cassette on top to cover the roller while some don’t have that taste.

All these features and more determines the various types that different people go for. In conjunction with this, you will also discover that the type of blinds also depends on the area or room the owner intends to install the blinds. At this point, we take a closer look at the various places in a house where blinds are mostly installed, which includes the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

What are the major types of roller blinds?

Block out roller blinds

These are some of the most recent known roller blinds, because of their ability to completely block out the light. They tend to have a coating on the back of the roller blinds, which makes them filter if not completely blocked out the light. They are not usually common in places where visage is necessary; instead, most of them are often used in the bedroom and at times, bathrooms. In places where light is necessary, it is hard to find these blinds. Also, most people in the Gold Coast choose them based on aesthetic value.

Roller blind screens

This is the other major type of blinds, common with transparent light visage. They are the most common in offices, living rooms, sometimes bathrooms and even kitchens. They allow a certain amount of light to pass and as a result, pleasant with places where light is necessary. They are resistant to bacteria and fungi; hence they can be preferably installed in places of high humidity like kitchens and bathrooms. For maximum convenience, there are two options of operation for these blinds which vary between manual and automated. For the best experience, experts advise the automated option.

Under these two major types of roller blinds we have other several types which come in the following aspects:

  • Vertical blinds – These blinds have as the name suggests, vertical slats which usually run along the track at the bottom of the blind. They are unique to patio doors and also floor to ceiling windows and usually open from left to right or parting in the middle depending on the preference and style of the owner.
  • Venetian blinds – These are the most common blinds. They have individual slats attached with a string or strips of clothes that run horizontally. Traditional Venetian blinds are long compared to the mini blinds, which are shorter and smaller.
  • Micro blinds – These are not so popular as they are unique and only fit selected outfits. They have individual slats which are usually 0.5,” and therefore when attached, they end up almost blocking the light completely. Comparatively they are smaller than the mini blinds which operate similarly to the Venetian blinds.


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