Office cleaning is not easy for every office holder; cleaning agencies come in here to fill the gap and lift that stress from the shoulders of office bearers. Cleaning companies have long-term experience plus the experienced teams enough to leave an office sparkling clean and organised. Office owners are at liberty to hire these agencies daily, weekly basis and fortnightly. The best thing with hiring a third-party is the fact that every part in your office is tended to and with the right chemicals and detergents that will eliminate bacteria and allergens to leave your office environment a healthy and hygienic workspace. The services of a cleaning company are reliable, up to the standard and can work even in odd hours of the day, so the fear of daily work routine disruption is eliminated.

Manual cleaning equipment

  • Abrasives – These are sharpening stones that are used to polish wooden and metal surfaces to make them shine like new.
  • Brushes – They are handheld brushes with bristles used for dusting surfaces, floors and corners of the floors.
  • Dustbins – They are used to collect garbage before water cleaning the floors or surfaces.
  • Dusting cloth – These are soft cloths made from cotton or wool used to wipe away dust from surfaces.
  • Mops – These are highly absorbent cotton cloth fixed onto a flat wooden surface by the metal frame used to mop the floors.
  • Spray bottles – These are bottles used for spraying detergents and chemicals onto the surfaces to be cleaned.

Electric cleaning equipment

  • Box sweeper – It consists of a friction brush that revolves vertically or horizontally while moving the equipment across the surface to be cleaned; they are best suited for carpet and floor cleaning.
  • Vacuum cleaner – It is the most used type of electric cleaning equipment you will likely see with any cleaning company. It is fitted with a suction motor, case, and hose where it tidies by vacuuming
  • Polishing machine – After regular cleaning, the sheen is achieved on surfaces and floors by the use of a polishing machine. They are commonly used in areas of high traffic on the floor.
  • Scrubber – This is a handheld electric scrubber used for scrubbing floors with tough dirt.

Cleaning agents

  • Water-This is a common medium used for cleaning and rinsing purposes. Soft water can be used when non-oily or non-greasy stains are the targets. Using hard water on greasy and oily stains can be difficult because detergents cannot dissolve well in hard water. Clean surfaces can be achieved when water is used, and the stains are not oily or greasy.
  • Clean air spray – These are air conditioning sprays used to refresh corridor and reception areas to remove the pungent smell of smoke and organic wastes.
  • Degreaser – This is used to remove grease marks on surfaces that cannot be eliminated by washing detergents.
  • Floor cleaners/sealers –Some parts of an office with high traffic may wear and become rough, to regain its sheen and smoothness it needs floor cleaners and sealers for it to be restored.
  • Laundry cleaners – These are liquid concentrates which constitute various amounts of peroxides used to remove tough stains and perform bleaching on linen-like tablecloths and curtains.
  • Surface sanitizers – They are in the form of liquid concentrate, which is used to sanitise surfaces of different materials without damaging the appearance. They also act to eliminate bacteria present on the surfaces and improve the fragrance.

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