When considering house painting in Melbourne, make sure you hire the right professionals for the job. If you too are undecided on choosing between latex and oil paints, you are at the right place. The following information would help you choose the best paint for your walls.

Latex paints

Latex paint works best on the following:

  • Roofs and ceilings and even the walls both exterior and interior can be painted with latex paints. It also works best on the exterior walls. This is feasible because latex is a water based paint and dries up pretty quick.
  • Latex can be painted twice on the same wall within the same day. So if you are looking for a quick paint job, latex is the best way to go
  • It is also much simpler to clean latex painted walls. All you need is some warm soapy water and the paint can look good as new whenever cleaned properly.
  • Latex paint doesn’t have the strong odor which oil based paints have, plus it also environment friendly because it contains fewer chemicals

The experts at house painting Melbourne strongly recommend latex paints for most paint jobs because of their ease of use and low maintenance.

Oil based paints

Oil based paints are used in all of the following instances

  • On walls which have previously been painted with oil paint. A surface which has an oil finish won’t let the latex paint adhere to it. Also if you would still go for latex paint, you would have to start with an oil based primer for a better effect.
  • Oil based paint works well on wood. It works well on high traffic areas because it’s less resistant to wear and tear and has a slick finish which looks good on wooden floors.
  • Metals also can be painted using oil finish. Also surfaces which are prone to a lot of rust or dust work well with oil paints too.
  • Also if you live in an area which is prone to extreme temperatures, oil based paint would work well. It is less prone to shrinking and cracking in freezing temperatures.

While both of these paints have their own set of advantages, it should be kept in mind that latex paints work well in all situations except a few. Also the finish and the look of a latex paint is more elegant and classy when compared to oil paints. All innovative homes which have been constructed recently rely on latex paint to give their walls a smooth and classic finish.

Oil based paints are not a very practical choice for most home owners because the take a long time to dry up. Plus it might take days for an oil painting job to be completed. This would include more labor and extra costs as well.

Also over time while latex paints retain their color because of ease of maintenance, oil paints tend to fade. But there are instances when you don’t really have an option and have to go for oil paint. Make sure you contact Amazing House Painting in Melbourne to get a professional opinion.

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