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The Department of Sanitation's West 135th Street marine transfer station is located on the Hudson River off of West 135th Street, in Harlem, New York City. The competition site is located adjacent to the West Harlem Piers Park and the Riverbank State Park.[3] The Henry Hudson Parkway separates the community from the pier. The site is an E-shaped pier with a footprint measuring approximately 23,500 sf and the causeway measures 15,555 sf. *note: the in water area can only reach the federal navigation channel to the west. The competition site includes the adjacent "streetside" Hudson River frontage.

Built in 1954, the site served over 40 years as the main Upper Manhattan marine transfer station, processing over 1,000 tons of waste per day. Due to air pollution concerns, the public supported the site being formally de-commissioned in 1999. The site has been vacant ever since.

The marine transfer station building is a steel E shape which sits on top of 4 timber piers. This E configuration maximized access for Department of Sanitation boats and barges. An elevated driveway connects the building to the mainland; the ramp originally facilitated Department of Sanitation vehicular access.

Community organizations support redeveloping or repurposing the marine transfer station for local benefit. Due to its location on the Hudson River adjacent to Riverbank State Park and West Harlem Piers Park, the site is a potential ecological jewel in the city's urban landscape. Redeveloping the site poses complex urban design challenges due to its unique configuration and present boundary conditions.

Each submission should utilize a minimum of 30,000 sf of the site. The maximum total square footage of each submission (landscape + building program) should not exceed 60,000 sf and may be distributed among the programmatic components as competitors see fit. Proposals should be appropriately sized and scaled and must not block views of the waterfront. Competitors should also keep in mind that any large building or platform that shades the water is NOT allowed by the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.[4] The Site is zoned as M-11, however, we would like for entrants to develop a proposal which creatively interprets the programmatic components outlined in the following program requirements in order to recommend a new use category for the site.

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