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Please submit any competition-related questions to enyacompetitions@gmail.com.

The committee will periodically update the website with answers to more questions.

Question 1: Must the existing building on the site be preserved?
You are not required to preserve the existing building. Entrants are encouraged to consider the economy of reusing the pier and access ramp.

Question 2: Can the platform on the four timber piers be extended?
You are allowed to extend past the pier's boundary, but are required to stay within the size limitations written on the website.

Question 3: Are entrants required to conform to the existing building envelope?
There is no defined criteria for height or building envelope. The only square footage requirements are listed in the Site section of the competition website.

Question 4: Is the red boundary line, on the CAD Site Plan, strict, or is it flexible?
Entrants will not be disqualified for exceeding the site boundary. However, proposals extending beyond the boundary should demonstrate their reason for doing so.

Question 5: The boundary runs right through the gas transfer building. Is it included in the site?
The building is not part of the competition site.

Question 6: What is the long promenade running parallel to the site?
It is a bike path with a narrow pedestrian walkway, part of the Hudson River Greenway